Piquor: Brand advocacy platform
Welcome to the world's most advanced brand advocacy platform. Utilizing the latest advancements in social media, cloud technology, and Big Data, Piquor doesn't just please audiences, it seeks to understand them.
Memorable Media
Piquor generates high engagement media through its branded photographs, videos, reviews.

In the present socially connected world, UGC spread fast and live forever.
Piquor helps create highly viral content, which allows you to reach your customers' friends and increase sales.
Understand your customers
Utilizing its proprietary Big Data analytics system, the Piquor media platform gives unique insights into your customers.
Engage your audience
Audiences that are not engaged are lost. With our custom designs, you can engage with viewers like never before.
Superior Support
You are never alone. With a staff of over 30 people, we are always there for you.
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